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Massage Treatments

Swedish Massage (1/2 hr - 1 ½ hr approx) 40.~ 95.
Excellent stress reliever! This traditional massage style combines a variety of techniques which promote relaxation, increase circulation and relieve muscle tension.


Deep Tissue Massage (1/2 hr - 1 ½ hr approx) 45.~ 115.
Pain Reliever! A therapeutic, deep pressure massage which focuses on specific muscle groups to reduce pain, release tension and improve flexibility. May include range of motion and passive stretching work to promote healing and prevent injuries.


Hot Stone Massage (approx. 1 1/4 hr approx) 85.
The ultimate in relaxation! Feel the sensation of hot, warm and cool stones. Stones are smoothed over each muscle to relax the body and sooth the spirit. The combination of aromatic massage oil, warmth of the stones, and gentle touch enhance the natural healing system of the body.


Pregnancy Massage (1/2 hr - 1 hr approx) 40.~ 68.
A Swedish Massage with concentration on areas where a mother-to-be experiences the most discomfort. Pillows are used to provide support and comfort for both mother and baby.


Deep Tissue Hot Stone Combo (approx. 1 hr approx)  90.
Heal the body, mind and spirit with Gwendolynn’s signature Deep Tissue Hot Stone Massage. The addition of stones and warmth to a deep muscle massage significantly reduces muscle tension, eases pain and relaxes the nervous system


Head ,Neck and Shoulder (1/2 hr. only) 30.~35.
Ease your tension! Enjoy a relaxing treatment to reduce the effects of life’s everyday stressors


Hot Stone Foot Massage (1/2 hr approx) 35.
Relieve those tired, aching feet!! Hot and warm stones are used to massage and sooth away the pain.
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