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Wigs & Wishes

 In 2013 we became  a partner with celebrity hair stylist Martino Cartier’s charity called Wigs and Wishes, a 501(c) organization, he founded in 2011. His vision was to join forces with salons from around the globe to provide wigs and hair services to women who have lost their hair due to chemotherapy AT NO CHARGE. 

Currently, we have hundreds of salons from around the world that have taken the pledge and made Martino’s dream a reality. Wigs and Wishes powered by Friends Are By Your Side has grown into granting wishes for children going through chemotherapy. 

Most of the time when a woman is diagnosed with cancer, her first question is not whether she will survive, but if she will lose her hair. Our goal is to spread the word of these complimentary services to people in our local area. Wigs and Wishes powered by FABYS has been able to provide thousands of wigs to those who need them, and we are honored to be a part of such an incredible organization. As hair stylists, we firmly believe how you look directly affects how you feel, the extra boost can help someone fight a little harder to win their battle against cancer. 

                            With loving hearts and helping hands,                                   

The staff at Gwendolynn's


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